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Dpg4x Translations

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Dpg4x supports UTF-8 encoding, both in files names and for internal strings presented in the GUI.

Dpg4x uses gettext to translate the GUI and commandline programs into different languages. For each language there is a PO file which contains the original English string and the translation. The files can be edited using tools like poedit or emacs modes for gettext, but a translator would typically use the dpg4x project at Transifex.

The dpg4x_installer.po file is used for generating the following files:

  • The Windows installer files based are based on NSIS and have their own format
  • The desktop files used in Linux installations

There are parts of Dpg4x that currently are not translated or covered by gettext files:

  • The rpm installation files (Red Hat and others)
  • The deb installation files (Ubuntu and others)
  • The Linux man page
  • The html user guide